Welcome to My Norway Adventure!

My name is Dean Hostager and I really want to go to Norway! Sadly, it doesn’t appear that I will be traveling to Norway anytime soon. Instead, I have created a Norwegian Travel/Adventure blog and I have sent a 3D statuette of myself to experience a Norwegian adventure in my place!

My wish is for my statue to travel around Norway and for people to take pictures, videos and accounts of me enjoying the beautiful sights. Then, I will post these things on this website to help others to learn more about the land of my ancestors!

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I am also having some Webpress anomalies, so there currently are only three blog posts!  I have more to transfer from my previous blog website!  Also, be sure to visit my other Norwegian Humor, Genealogy and Norwegian Links website, Norskarv.com.


On the Norwegian Links page on Norskarv.com, I hope you enjoy the Funny Norwegian and Viking pictures link, as well as the Meanwhile in Norway pictures link. Norwegian Americans might also find the numerous Ole and Lena Jokes funny.