I am still here!

Well, I am still here in Norway, and I am still here in America! Its been a while since I’ve posted. The following picture was kindly sent by Torstein Valland.

“Here’s a picture of you above the amazing Puddefjorden, or “puddiken” as the locals call it. The tall building by the bridge is called Treet and is perhaps the tallest tree-building on earth. On the right side of the picture is Møhlenpris, a pretty gangster part of town. On the left is Gyldenpris, aka the shadow side, an even more gangster part.”


Møhlenpris and Gyldenpris are suburbs of Bergen. Occasionally, I peek at a few Norwegian webcams when I am bored to see what it looks like in Norway. The one in Bergen I follow is at: Webcamsinnorway: Bergen: Festplassen

The main Webcams in Norway website can be found at webcamsinnorway.com. The webcam map is a great tool. You can easily zoom in on different areas of Norway and select webcams.

The webcamsofnorway.com website is searchable, so you can find hundreds of places in Norway to view. Obviously some views are more interesting than others!

I apologize for the delay of this post. I’ve been in Africa for many weeks climbing Kilimanjaro with my son Joel and visiting a few partner congregations in the Iringa area.

As I have said before, I knew my Norway adventure was a big risk. People in Norway, in general, are a bit more reserved and taking photos of some stranger’s statue might not be an easy task for them!

I am thankful for every picture I receive!!