Hi Dean,

I got you to Bryggen, which is one of the most scenic places of Bergen. Old tree-buildings/houses, right in the heart of the city.

I wanted to have a picture with you and some tourists, but I quickly found out that people are a bit skeptical to unusual requests. I did get someone eventually, so you can see yourself with a guy from Japan. He and his girlfriend really liked the concept when they understood what it was for. She was a bit shy though, so I only got you there with the guy. Unfortunately, due to the sunlight I didn’t notice that there was such a big difference in the focus on you vs the Japanese guy.


I did get another shot with more of Bryggen in the background, however. You can see lots of people sitting outside enjoying a beer or three. Whenever the sun gets out, the people here rushes outside to enjoy the few sun rays that hit the city…


I have the case with the statue in my car now, so I will see if I can find other spots the next few days – or if I find a proper candidate I will hand you over to another person.

All the best,
Tor Johansen


What a brave soul we have here to stand by me! I only wish I could shake his hand, or at least take my hands out of my pockets for once!

I had to look up “husflid” and, apparently we are standing in front of a craft store. These rows of connected buildings seem typical of Bergen. The following is a picture that I have had as my computer screensaver for over a year. If I ever get to Norway, I really want to visit Bergen!


Bergen is, of course, on the Western side of Norway. I wonder if the ancestors of mine who emigrated to America had to first travel to Bergen and then depart on a ship to somewhere in the U.K.

I do understand that Americans are much more outgoing than Norwegians. That is actually a compliment to the people of Norway! But, I absolutely understand that my Norwegian adventure may be an uphill adventure. Perhaps I will have the most luck with younger Norwegians!

On My Way to Bergen!


Here is a picture of you traveling by ferry from Manheller (Kaupanger) to Fodnes (Laerdal). On your way to Bergen with my colleague Andreas Danbolt, one month ago.

Kjell Olav Nordheim


Thanks Kjell! I wish I could climb that mountain right now to play in the snow!

In less than two months, I will be traveling to Tanzania to climb Kilimanjaro with my son, Joel. There is still snow on top of Kilimanjaro, but the amount is decreasing every year. I climbed Kilimanjaro back in 2010. We’ll see if I can do it again now that I am older!

We also will visit two “partner” congregations in small rural villages in Tanzania. It is amazing and wonderful how different people and cultures can be. I can’t wait until I experience Norway in person!