God Jul og godt Nytt År!

Merry Christmas from Norway!

I was beginning to wonder if I would even be celebrating Christmas in Norway. What a beautiful Christmas tree! A typical American Christmas tree might be wider and denser, with many more lights and ornaments. But, I must say, I like this Christmas tree very much.

Americans sometimes lose sight of what is important during the Holidays. People are more important than overdoing trees, lights and presents.


Here I am watching television. I looked-up the word television and in Norwegian it is fjernsyn. “Fjern” seems to translate to “remote”, and “syn” translates to “sight” or “vision”.


I love a good mystery! After a bit of investigation, I think I am watching Sølvguttene (Boys of Silver?) sing “Deilig er Jorden”, from Missa in Nativitate Domini. Here is a link to the performance:

Deilig er Jorden


Celebrating New Years Eve with a sparkler. Is it me or do sparklers seem quite large in Norway?!  If my beard catches on fire I will be in trouble!