I finally arrived in Norway!


Standing by the Jølstravatnet (Jølster Lake)

First of all, many thanks to Øyvind Høstaker for accepting my statue. Now I can begin my journey around Norway. I do not know how far I will travel since my statue is fragile and I will soon be at the mercy of strangers, but I am excited and hopeful for a long adventure!

My Norwegian ancesters lived on a farm just north of Kaupanger. Kaupanger is an old Viking trading town which lies near the end of the Sognefjorden, the longest fjord in Norway. Øyvind lives in Førde which seems to be about 30 km north of the Sognefjorden and a good distance west of Kaupanger. Førde is a town close to the kommune (municipality) of Jølster.


This sign reads, “In the middle of Sogn og Fjordane county, surrounding the appr. 30-km-long lake Jølstravatnet, you find the municipality of Jølster. It has an area of 671 square kilometers, of which 90 sq. km is glacier 43.5 sq. km fresh water, and a population of appr. 3000. At 1,827 meters above sea level, Snønipa is the highest mountain. Skei, the administrative center, is located on the eastern end of the lake. At the opposite end is Vassenden, the other main population centre. Centres in the regions of Nordfjord, Sogn og Sunfjord are within easy reach. Vassenden is a 20-minute drive from Førde, the distance from Skei is some 45 minutes. From Skei, driving times to Sandane and Sogndal are 40 minutes and one hour respectively.”


Waiting for the ferry


My kind of sightseeing, mmmmmm!


More Goodies!

I do not understand Norwegian, but with the help of Google Translate, I believe I am standing among folded pancakes. One kind has brown cheese inside while the other contains butter and sugar. I am very curious about the bacon-wrapped meat behind the svele. It looks delicious!


Above I am standing behind the name N. Astrup in a picture frame. Øyvind has left me a puzzle in this picture! After a little reasearch, I find that Nikolai Astrup (1880-1928) is a well-known Norwegian artist who grew up and lived in Jølster. Below is Nikolai’s easel inside his studio. It appears to be the inspiration for the easel in my picture.


Here I am at a bus stop. Notice how small I am. I am only 14 inches tall! I wonder where I will travel to next?



Enjoying a sunset at the end of my first day in Norway!